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Download Textbooks Pdf Genki I: An Integrated ^NEW^

My biggest complaint is that CDs are used at all. Navigating the files and accessing them isn't a problem. It's finding a CD drive that's an issue. Back in 2011 when the second edition was published, CD drives were still a common feature on laptops. But with the advent of tablet computing, access to a CD drive is less and less common. It's nice to have a physical copy of the audio files. But it wouldn't be too difficult include a slip of paper with a key for downloading the files from a cloud. Some kind of access to a member's only Genki textbook download area. Including the CD-ROM was a perk in 2011. Today, not as much. However, it should be noted that most textbooks still come with CDs. So it's not that Genki is "behind" necessarily. It's just that the Japanese textbook world has yet to make a foray into cloud-based computing.

Download textbooks pdf Genki I: An Integrated


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