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Jayadeva Ashtapadi Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Downloadgolkes

Jayadeva Ashtapadi Lyrics in Tamil PDF Golkes

Jayadeva Ashtapadi is a collection of 24 poems composed by the 12th century poet Jayadeva, who is considered as one of the greatest Sanskrit poets. The poems describe the love story of Radha and Krishna, the divine couple in Hinduism. The poems are also known as Gita Govinda, which means "the song of the cowherd".


The poems are divided into 12 chapters, each containing two poems. Each poem consists of eight verses, hence the name Ashtapadi, which means "eight steps". The poems are written in various meters and ragas, and are meant to be sung with musical accompaniment. The poems are full of lyrical beauty, erotic imagery, and devotional fervor.

The Ashtapadi has been translated into many languages, including Tamil. The Tamil translation is attributed to a poet named Kavi Kunjara Bharati, who lived in the 19th century. He translated the Ashtapadi into Tamil verses with the same meter and rhyme as the original Sanskrit. He also added some commentary and explanations to the verses.

The Tamil translation of the Ashtapadi is available in PDF format online. One of the sources is [this website], which provides the lyrics of all the 24 poems in Tamil script and transliteration. The website also provides some information about the poet Jayadeva and his works.

Another source is [this website], which provides the lyrics of the Ashtapadi in Tamil script along with the audio files of the songs. The website also provides some background information about the Ashtapadi and its significance in Carnatic music.

The Ashtapadi is a masterpiece of Indian literature and music, and a treasure of spiritual wisdom. It is a source of inspiration and joy for many devotees and lovers of art. The Tamil translation of the Ashtapadi is a valuable contribution to the preservation and propagation of this classic work.


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