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i have a converter box that i want to connect to an hdfury. the hdfury has hdmi and i want to take one of the outputs into a splitter. on the splitter there are three ports and i only want to use one. i am hoping that the viewhd will do this. i am assuming that both of the hdmi outputs of the converter will go into the viewhd and thus the converter will not be visible. i would rather not use the converter box to add a hdcp key exchange. would it work for this to have the viewhd do the hdcp handshake?

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i am totally new to this concept. is a tv recieverbox that you have some sort of external box that has all the components that you need to hook it up to your tv. for example one of the blu ray players that you listed. do you have this box and are you just taking the hdmi output of the blu ray player in the external box and splitting this output to different devices? is that what youre asking?

thanks for the post! i do have a tv receiver box that has hdmi, blue ray, component, coax, audio, etc. i connected the input of the receiver to the output of the splitter and it works. i wanted to be able to split to 3 different devices without having to buy another hdmi splitter. while the receiver seems to work with the viewhd as well, it's just more hardware (and another box to set up if i go that route). the receiver box, for example, costs $200 and the viewhd $600.

i'm in the uk. for simplicity's sake lets assume you are getting your signal from a comreg regional provider and you have a single hdmi output tv from a htpc. have you tested to see if the htpc is hdcp encrypted through hdmi? if it is the onkyo rx-v455 has an hdmi-cec capability. you need to send an hdmi code through the hdmi-cec line (pins 1-6 on the hdmi socket). there should be a note on the onkyo part number with the hdmi-cec capability. if you havent checked that already, that would be the first thing to do. it's worth checking as you can then use that hdmi code to check that what you are getting through the onkyo hdmi-cec port is hdcp encrypted. if it is not, then the onkyo has no way of interfacing with your other devices. it's possible that the hdmi port comes with the onkyo as it's a very common feature of onkyo products (many htpcs do have hdmi-cec capabilities and even some tvs do by default). if that is the case you could use hdmi-cec on the htpc to control the onkyo over hdmi-cec. if it is not, then you will need to look at getting a splitter with a hdmi-cec port such as the westinghouse hd primo 7545-00. as long as you know what hdmi code you need to send (and you have hdmi-cec capability on your htpc), the primo 7545-00 can be used to control the onkyo as well as other hdmi-cec devices.


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