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Bentley: Back in the day, Reme was my grandfather. My dad's father. Turns out that when the trapdoor pirate, Captain Blackspot, was hunting for his next mark in the late 19th century, he was really hunting for him, Dimitri! There's a reason that he didn't want to clean up his own act. He was the one who drove Blackspot into a career in treasure hunting. And at the end of all that, he stole my grandfather's gear. It was the biggest score ever, Reme gave up retirement and started up a private - but ineffective - war against the pirates. By the time we were born, he decided he couldn't risk having us involved in the deathmatch. This stuck with him to the day he died. All these years later, the rat still had his upper hand. He had teamed up with Dimitri's family, because he was determined to get his revenge. Dimitri took it upon himself to find the legendary diving equipment in a bid to bring the pirate back down to size. After all, they were family. But as Dimitri began his mission, Bentley and his own family were in deep trouble. Reme was getting worse and worse and needed a place to recuperate. Bentley is the only thing standing between Reme and the dark forces now closing in. The only shot Reme has is to get ahold of a piece of the diving gear. We've got to get that and get out of here!

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We had already entered the grounds of the catacombs just in time to hear the deep roaring of a giant Wampus, followed by the thunderous cracking of the silver doors. The Wampus had in its claws something that promised to release us from our prison - our gear! Thus far our journey had been uneventful. We had met with various tribes of similarly-sized tribal creatures, thrown the Kon-Knockers off of the Masters' jet, and even visited the Volcanoes and went on a Mudslide chase. However, we had not encountered any of the Cooper family, and we had yet to encounter Dr. M.


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