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Places That Buy Mattresses

If you are unable to sell your mattress, or the process seems like too much of a hassle, a good alternative is to donate your mattress. Local charities like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, and various religious organizations may accept used mattresses in good condition. Homeless shelters are another potential option.

places that buy mattresses


Wayfair sells a select few brands of mattresses, and it has its own line, too. For something affordable, this is the place to come. If you're moving into a new spot or redoing a room, this is also a smart option for buying all the things you need decor- and furniture-wise in one virtual trip.

Casper was one of the founding companies to recognize that buying a mattress was a process that nearly no person was really amped to do, especially those who lived in urban settings, in walk-up apartments, or other car-free, hard-to-reach places. It makes a few mattresses, which all come packed up in boxes, making it a simple process from start to finish.

Purple mattresses are the upgrade that your bedroom needs. The hybrid line is made with both coils and foam, so you get the bounce and softness of both types of mattresses. Purple also makes the process of actually getting the mattress to you relatively easy: You can have Purple deliver the mattress right to your bed frame and remove the old mattress in one trip.

Parachute Home makes some of the coolest bed and home items, like super-soft linen duvet covers and sets of towels that are a real upgrade from your old mismatched ones. And its mattress has those same minimal, well-made, easy-to-please characteristics we know and love about its other stuff. The mattress is made with 100 percent organic cotton and constructed to have a firm middle for back support, with a softer head and foot for full-body comfort.

You can get pretty much anything you need for your home from Overstock, and a mattress is no exception. It sells a variety of mattresses at a discounted price, like Hevea Bliss's all-latex pick. Shop here to buy the mattress, a new bed, and brand-new bedding in a single, not-expensive purchase.

Ikea makes no-frills, inexpensive furniture. Same with its mattresses. They're some of the cheapest mattresses of the bunch, which makes them solid options for a budget buy or for outfitting a guest bedroom.

Bed Bath & Beyond comes through on every kind of home purchase you might be considering, and that includes your new mattress. It sells well-known brands, like Tempur-Pedic, both online and in-store. So if you're a try-before-buy kind of person, you can head to a nearby store to test out what's in stock. Then, you can buy it there, of course, or keep it in your virtual cart until your next coupon arrives.

Go to Macy's for the sales, stay for the comfy mattresses. Department stores sell everything you could possibly need in your house, and their bedding departments are often good for inspiring you to get a new comforter or a plethora of pillows. Macy's is a great spot to go if you're not partial to any specific brand (it carries a ton) and you want to test multiple out before ordering.

Raymour & Flanigan is one of those places that you shop at when you are grown up and mature and making home purchases to match. It has a stupid wide selection of mattress brands, styles, sizes, and materials to choose from. You can get your brand-new mattress in-store or online, as well as all of the other furniture you need.

"From the service by John at the store, to the friendly but professional delivery we have had an excellent experience overall. The only problem with the mattress is that we don't want to get out of it! Seriously we love it."

"The firmness of this mattress is great for my bad back. Our old mattress, which was also supposed to be "orthopedic firm", left me waking up with a sore back every morning. My wife said our new OMF mattress was too firm for her, so we purchased a pillow top mattress pad which solved the problem for her while still keeping the firmness for me. Also love the fact that it's two-sided, a feature our previous, as well as most new mattresses, don't have. I'm sure that feature will result in a longer life mattress."

"The overall experience was pleasant. Everyone was friendly, not pushy yet helpful. My husband is very pleased with the mattress as it's perfect for him. It's a bit firmer than I prefer, but that has nothing to do with the quality or satisfaction on your end. We'd recommend your company to others and pricing was good too."

The Best of the Best is an annual community choice awards program hosted by The Houston Chronicle. Houstonians nominate local businesses, then vote to select their favorites in each category. In the end, the businesses that earned the most votes are announced. There are two finalists (runners up) and one winner in each category.

Are you in the market for a mattress in the Cincinnati, Ohio area? Perhaps your old mattress is in dire need of replacement. Maybe you are finally at a stage in life where you can invest in a higher quality mattress. Now that you are ready to buy, where should you be shopping?

Founded in 1988, The Original Mattress Factory is a business designed to eliminate markups, gimmicky sales, and third party manufacturing. The Original Mattress Factory does not offer monthly promotions, as they believe that their prices are the best for the products they offer.

Every mattress sold by The Original Mattress Factory is part of their in-house brand, so if you are looking for other name brands, you will not find them at The Original Mattress Factory. However, The Original Mattress Factory offers a full range of mattresses and box springs in the same categories available at other name brands.

Sleep Outfitters offers leading bedding name brands such as Sealy, Stearns & Foster, and Tempur-Pedic. Sleep Outfitters prides itself on providing a complete sleep solution, including the mattress, foundation, pillows, protector, and even sheets that are right for your specific body type and needs.

Sleep Outfitters focuses on the quality of sleep that you need. If you are looking to get a custom setup from the mattress to the pillowcases, Sleep Outfitters is an option you should consider.

American Freight offers a wide selection of name-brand mattresses at discount prices. If you are looking for a deal on a name brand mattress that you want to be delivered today, then American Freight might be an excellent option to consider.

While mattresses might not be the first thing you think of when you hear the name Big Lots, the company has been making strides in the furniture and mattress retail industry. Big Lots is a discount retailer that offers name brand products at a discount on the original price.

Big Lots offers multiple sizes and styles of mattresses from name brands like Serta and Sealy. While the selection may not be as broad as other mattress retailers on this list, the prices that they offer are discounted from their original retail price.

We offer mattresses at every price point, and we can scientifically determine the best mattress for you using our BedMatch System. We offer many delivery options, including our newCurbside Shipping option. If you need a mattress, we have options for you.

Are you shopping for a new mattress in Deridder? When it comes to mattress types, you'll find three main options: pillow top, gel memory foam, and Euro top. Pillow top mattresses contain inner springs, as well as foam padding on top for maximum comfort. Euro top mattresses have a similar feel as pillow top mattresses but offer a seamless, smooth-sided construction with a significant amount of padding support on top. Gel foam mattresses are completely different, as they are made with a pressure-sensitive foam material that can gently hug your body and take the strain off your joints. Not sure which type you prefer? In that case, it's best to give them all a try in person at your Deridder Rent-A-Center before you decide which rent-to-own mattress to bring home. We curate our rent-to-own mattress selection carefully and carry nothing but the best name brands, including Signature Designs by Ashley. With the newest sleep technology features, our affordable Deridder mattresses can improve your sleep quality so you wake up refreshed and ready to take on each new day! Time to rent a mattress in Deridder? The team at your local Rent-A-Center is ready and waiting to provide you with more information about mattress construction, durability, and brand comparisons. If you need the best mattress store in Deridder, LA, head to Rent-A-Center and shop rent-to-own mattresses in Deridder today.

Need to upgrade your furniture, too, when you're shopping for a mattress in Deridder? When you come to Rent-A-Center, we can help you upgrade your mattress AND the bedroom furniture you'll use with it! Skip the runaround of shopping at several Deridder furniture stores to buy a mattress and bedroom set. Instead, come to Rent-A-Center and get everything you need in one trip. From sophisticated bedroom furniture sets to a la carte night tables and decor, you'll find everything you need to outfit all the bedrooms in your home. Need an easy update for your guest bedroom? Done! Want to give your master bedroom a makeover? We're here for it. At Rent-A-Center, you'll find stylish bedroom furniture and durable mattresses in Deridder so you can create a comfortable, cozy bedroom that feels like you. And for even better news, when you bundle a mattress and bedroom set from Rent-A-Center, you'll enjoy one of the best mattress deals in Deridder. You can also take advantage of our custom payment options, and save time with free in-home delivery of your rent-to-own mattress and bedroom furniture. Now, that's dreamy! Head to your Deridder Rent-A-Center today to learn more.

Casper is well known for helping the mattress-in-a-box industry hit the mainstream, and it's the most commonly purchased online brand by our survey panel. This model is entirely foam on the inside so it weighs less and costs less than many hybrid models, helping it earn the top spot on our list. The brand offers several different mattresses at varying price points, but this is the most popular and the one we think offers the best bang for your buck. 041b061a72


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