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[S6E4] Surprise! [UPDATED]

Diane questions what's happening. Todd tells her, that since the wedding planning was stressing Mr. Peanutbutter out, he thought he would host a surprise wedding. Diane expresses shock at this. Todd elaborates, by saying Pickles loves big surprises and grand gestures, and he wasn't doing anything except staying home and watching Princess Carolyn's terrible nannies.

[S6E4] Surprise!

Diane asks where Pickles and Mr. Peanutbutter are right now. Todd replies he bought them tickets to see Angels in the Outfield. Diane asks if he means the movie. Todd clarifies he means the play, which is six hours long. Diane asks if he means Angels in America. Todd says, whatever it is, after watching a feel-good romantic comedy, that they will be in a great mood for the surprise wedding.

Todd and Princess Carolyn are downstairs looking for Ruthie, again. They hear balloons popping. They hurry into the room that was decorated for the surprise wedding. Ruthie is popping a bunch of balloons. They finally manage to get a hold of Ruthie. Todd then says they should get her away from the balloons, which are choking hazards. Princess Carolyn says he has a real knack for this and asks him to be Ruthie's nanny.

I was surprised at how creepy this episode was once the Somnambulator consequences kick in. There are some legitimate horror elements here and some of the imagery is extremely unsettling: seeing the Night Family shrouded in darkness with their eyes glowing as they carry out their tasks like zombies is extremely effective. Once the Night Family, led by Night Summer, starts to escalate the conflict against their daytime counterparts, there is a significantly more sinister feel to some of the scenes as the episode leans into horror. Night Summer force-feeding Rick dried scraps from an unwashed plate is downright nauseating.

His operatic rendition of The Flintstones theme tune took all of the panelists by surprise but didn't help them guess correctly. They thought Baby's true identity was perhaps James Corden, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis and Gordon Ramsay, but no one got even close to guessing Larry the Cable Guy.

The following day, Tammy catches Bonnie hiding in the laundry room. While dancing around the subject that her guest should move into a halfway house, Bonnie is surprised to discover Tammy can fix washing machines and knows how to do other building maintenance as well. Devising a plan that could be mutually beneficial, Bonnie manages to get Tammy to do all the building maintenance she is supposed to be doing for her job.

Sybil puts herself in danger when a fight breaks out. Sybil's sisters notice Matthew's feelings for her. Mary is surprised by a marriage proposal. Bates clears his name over the missing wine but resigns rather than name the real culprit.

A birthday party is planned for Robert, but Rose's surprise contribution to the event ruffles feathers above and below stairs. A new farming venture on the Downton estate comes with dramatic repercussions for Mary, and Edith receives more unwelcome news.

Simon Bricker returns to Downton to discuss the painting with Cora. Branson makes a difficult decision about Sarah Bunting. Rose encounters a handsome stranger. Determined to stop Isobel making the wrong decision about Lord Merton, Violet enlists the help of Doctor Clarkson. Charles Blake surprises Mary with a cunning plan to help her get exactly what she wants. Mrs Patmore seeks Carson's advice on a financial matter. Inspector Vyner returns with some ominous words of warning for Anna.

Rosamund shows up at Downton following Edith's surprise departure. Rose is pleased to introduce Atticus and his parents to everyone. Anna and Bates think about a fresh start, now that that their problems seem to be behind them. Molesley is worried after Daisy becoming disillusioned with her studies. Mary and Blake seize a chance to send Gillingham a strong message.

The Crawleys watch Henry compete in a motor racing event, an occasion that leaves Mary reeling. Violet hatches a plan which surprises the family and delights Miss Denker, and learns more about Amelia's intentions in befriending Isobel. Molesley and Daisy rise to the challenges of examination day, Andy's secret is brought to light, Thomas feels isolated, and Mrs Patmore and Mrs Hughes teach Carson a lesson.

Sekou (J. Mallory McCree) is greeted with a surprise party as he returns home. His friends, suspicious of how he got off so clean, probe him with questions as to whether he had to turn informant. In response, Sekou posts a new video on the internet in which he exposes the true identity of FBI informant Saad Masoud. Carrie (Claire Danes) immediately goes to visit Sekou and pleads with him to take down the video, as it would surely nullify the deal she made to get Sekou released. Carrie eventually convinces Sekou after alluding to the highly risky measures that were taken on her part to secure the deal.

One of the most amazing things about Burn Notice is the way Florida seems to be a hotspot for the CIA, various disreputable entities, and other not-so-natural disasters waiting to happen. As the series has progressed, so have Michael's adversaries and, by extension, the stakes of the game they're all playing. So, it's with little surprise that as Anson (Jere Burns) continues to pull Westen's strings, the innumerable other strings he's undoubtedly pulling begin to come out of the woodwork. It's almost as if Anson's web of control was inadvertently creating a system for likeminded individuals to meet, due to the sheer magnitude of the thing. Somehow, Anson has created a social network for burned or otherwise forcibly corrupted spies.

The official synopsis for the upcoming episode titled "A Mother of a Day" reveals that Tucker will be nominated in a prestigious television award. With this, Bonnie (Melissa Peterman) acts as his mother in the said event. However, things become complicated when his real mother hears about it and decides to surprise him.

In another sneak peek of episode 4, Riley is shocked with how big her baby bump has become. Danny (Derek Theler) assures her that she looks adorable, but Riley is worried that her workmates will finally know about her pregnancy. Danny is surprised that Riley has not yet announced the news and asks if she is ashamed of the baby. Riley explains that she kept it a secret at work because if they find out about her pregnancy, they will not promote her to junior partner, since she will have to take a maternity leave eventually.

Bjorn and Harald are prisoners of crazy King Olaf. After losing the element of surprise, Bjorn agrees to meet with King Olaf, to help Harald. Olaf tells them both, despite not believing the world is real, he wants the Viking world to change.

The Halliwells orb back to the manor and find the blonde sisters leafing through the Book. Just as Piper is about to freeze them, the Stillmans cast the To Separate a Witch from Her Powers spell and steal the Halliwells' powers. Mabel tries to blast Piper, but blows up a vase instead. However, the force of the blast knocks Piper into the wall, severely injuring her leg. Phoebe knocks Mabel down with a flying kick, only to be kicked down herself by a levitating Mitzy. While Paige is tending to Piper, Margo rushes at her with a lamp. Margo swings it, but to the surprise of both, Paige orbs out of the way. Margo sees the Halliwells getting ready to orb out, and yells at Mabel to freeze them. However, Mabel can't figure out how, allowing the Halliwells to make good their escape. 041b061a72


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