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Top 7 Google Assistant Tips And Tricks For Your IPhone VERIFIED

Yes, you read that correctly. In iOS 15, you can FaceTime with friends and family members who don't have an Apple device. It might not make your iPhone feel more like your old Android phone in the same way as other tips on this list. But it could help with the transition since it provides a way to easily video-chat with your Android friends without having to install a new app.

Top 7 Google Assistant tips and tricks for your iPhone

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are Google's best phones yet. They fix the previous models' shortcomings and pack all the right upgrades, including a better camera experience, a brighter display, and longer battery life. If you are using the Pixel 7 or 7 Pro, check out the best tips and tricks to get the most out of the devices.

The above tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. The best part about owning a Pixel is that it will only get better with time with regular updates from Google. So, you will keep getting usability improvements and new features to play around with on your phone every few months.

Google's Pixel 7 series of phones are the best Pixels yet. They take the best things from the Pixel 6 series and make them even better while adding a couple of other useful features along the way. To make sure you're using your Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pros camera system to its fullest, here are some Pixel camera tips and tricks to supercharge your experience.

Certain wearable devices also offer Google Assistant commands. With any Wear OS watches from makers like Fossil, you can access your assistant right from your wrist. If you're a frequent Google Assistant user, consider getting one of the best smartwatches with Wear OS. Try using commands to change the volume of the music in your headphones, adjust your smart home devices and message your friends.

Pankil is a Civil Engineer by profession who started his journey as a writer at back in 2016. He joined TechWiser in March 2021 as a freelance writer to cover buying guides, explainers, and tips & tricks for Android, iOS, Windows, and Web.

We have tried to cover all major tips and tricks of Google Assistant, however, if we missed any let us know in the comments. Also, be a good person like Assistant and send us positive feedback as well in the comments below.

Windows Explorer in Windows 7 has been significantly changed and improved since the days of Vista and XP. This article provides some of the more useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of Explorer.

NOTE: Some of these tips require you to tweak the registry. Before doing so, be sure you back up the registry. We also recommend creating a restore point you can use to restore your system if something goes wrong.

If you are in a country where Google Assistant is currently available but you are still not seeing it as a voice assistant option, make sure you have updated your fitbit device to the latest firmware. Please see this help article for more information on how to update your Fitbit device.


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