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Maid For Pleasure.rar

Be a tavern owner and hire all the maids you can to work for you!Make a lot of money and buy lots of upgrades to make your tavern look as beautiful as the ones who work in it!Be ready to meet lots of girls, each with their own personality, ready to make you laugh or cry in pleasure!

Maid for Pleasure.rar

rarely write feedback but this game is good even though it's an idle game the only problem I encounter is the talking to the maids I wait out the timer and when I choose a chat bubble to open in the story it doesn't clear it so I'm stuck with max affinity with them but I still have not progressed in the story and also when filing up the affinity bar every time it's done whenever I press to close it presses the object behind it for example if I try closing the maids info after finishing her affinity bar it's like her info isn't there and it taps the one on the back of the info wish these could get fixed or maybe it's just happening to me sorry if English is bad

Listed above is a random character I picked for this example, click it and open it up you should see a picture of a maid. Now I want you to right-click and click view image, this should bring it into its own tab. From here right-click and click save image, name it whatever you want it doesn't matter.

Inside this folder, there is another folder called " UserData" click it and open it up. Once inside there will be another folder inside that one called "chara" open that one up. Inside it there will be two folders one for males and one for females, in this guided example click on the female folder and open it up. From here copy the picture of the maid and place it in the female folder.

7. The Galileans were high spirited people,The character of the Gali [...]eans [...] Iosephus ut pri [...]s. [...], fighters from their infancy, impatient of wrong, lovers of liberty, and prone to revenge. Much of their nature may be read in their countrey-man Saint Peter, forward (not to say furious) in hot bloud, to draw hisIohn 18. 10. sword though at great disadvantage, and after, at leasure to repent it. Apt they were to raise tumults against the Romans, but always with ill success. Witness especially, when they pretended sacrifice to cloak their Rebellion, but Pilat was too quick and cunning for them, who subduing them, Luke 13. 1. mingled their bloud with their sacrifices. They were distinguishable by their Dialect from other Iews, speaking a broader, or (as I may say) a Dorick Syriack, whereof the maid minded Saint Peter, ThouMar. 14. a Galilean, and thy speech agreeth thereunto. They were accounted courser, and less refined Iews, as appears by the expression of the Evangelist,Iohn 4. 45. The Galileans received him, having seen all the things that he did at Ierusalem at the feast, for they also went up vnto the feast. Where those words, for they also, though they admit the Galileans to the communion of the same Religion with the Iews, yet set them at a second table, as inferiour to the other. Yea, the Iews called our Saviour in disgrace, at least wise in diminution, a Galilean. Might I presume to interpose my opinion, I should conceive these Galileans were chiefly extracted from the remainder of the ten Tribes, left behind in the land, after the Assyrian captivity, as we have shewed before.

14. At Shiloh there was an anniversary dancing of the daughters thereof (probably collected out of all Israel coming then to the Tabernacle) where the Benjamites as yet unprovided for wives,Here Benjamites [...] them wives. lying in ambush in the vineyards, violentlyJudg. 21. 23. seised some of those maides for their brides, [Page 186] (happy man be his dole) making strange matches, if each interest concerned therein be seriously considered.

41. Expect not here from me (as alien from our work in hand) any arguments,Impudency to prefer the Samaritan, before the Hebrew Pentateuch. against their presumption, who have dared to compare, yea prefer the Samaritan Pentateuch, for authenticalness, before the Hebrew Originall. For three things (saithProv. 30. 21. 23. Solomon) the earth is disquieted, and the fourth it can not bear, namely, an handmaid that is heire to her mistress. How much more intolerable then is it, when a translation, which is, or ought to be, the dutifull servant to the originall, shall presume, (her mistress being extant, and in presence,) to take the place and precedency of her? As here, apographum doth of the autographum, when the Samaritan transcript is by someVide Exercit. Hottinge [...]i contra Mori [...]um. advanced above the canonicall copy in the Hebrew. All I will adde is this, that to the Iews [...], wereRom. 3. 2.committed the oracles of God: and, to give them their due, they were carefull preservers thereof, being never reproved by our Saviour, (though often for falseglosses thereon) of any forgery in corrupting, depraving, or altering the Letter of the text: whereas no such trust appears, delivered to the charge of the Sama [...]itans. In a word, such as defend, that the Pentateuch coming from the hereticall (not to say apostate Samaritans) is purer then that in Hebrew, transmitted to us from the Iews, in that age the onelyAmos 3. 2. true Church of God in the world, may with as much truth maintain, that breath proceeding from putrefied and corrupted lungs, is more healthfull and wholesome, then what cometh from vitals sound and entire.

1. DAN was eldest Son of Iacob byGen. 35. 25. Bilhah Rahels maide and his concubine. Of his body but one, [Hushim] went down into Egypt, yet of his Posterity came forth thence no fewer thenNumb. 1. 39. threescore and two thousand and seven hundred males of twenty years old and upwards: all which falling in the wilderness, for their faithlesness in Gods promises,Num. 26. 43. threescore and four thousand and four hundred entered the land of Canaan. 041b061a72


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